Sherman –The Cute Luxury Robot Clock by MB&F and L’Epee 1839

  • Developed by MB&F and L’Epee 1839, Sherman is a tiny desk clock with a friendly design.
  • It is a luxury robot that can tell time and make people smile, and it is available in palladium, gold, and diamond.

Sherman is possibly the cutest ever result from any collaboration between two horology industry giants. It is a time-telling luxury robot designed and developed by MB&F, with flawless engineering and craftsmanship by L’Epee 1839. The lovely little piece is a contemporary illustration of one of Maximilian Busser’s childhood dreams of having a robot friend.

Palladium Plating, MB&F Sherman Robot Desk Clock

MB&F Sherman Robot Desk Clock

The mechanics were provided by L’Epee 1839, which is the only specialized luxury clock manufacture in Switzerland. It is based on one of the iconic brand’s in-line movements and it boasts eight days power reserve. Like all other MB&F creations, Sherman is far from dull and ordinary: its head features a transparent dome which displays the mechanism’s regulator, the eyes are bolt heads which support the regulator, and the movement spacers work as shoulders.

Time can be read off of his chest, his malleable hands can hold small objects, and his rubber caterpillar tracks are actually fully functional. More than just a cute little mechanical statue for your desk, Sherman is also a funny little character that is undoubtedly going to be a main conversation starter in your office. It is available with gold plating (200 pieces), palladium plating (200 pieces) and with gold and diamond detailing (50 pieces).

Luxury Sherman Robot Desk Clock

Sherman Robot Desk Clock
Sherman Palladium Front
Sherman Gold Front

By : - 10 Feb 2016