Rhino XT All Terrain SUV by US Specialty Vehicles

Never has the iconic Jeep Wrangler been more aggressive looking than with its new upgrade package by US Specialty Vehicles. The boutique automaker specializes in militarizing vehicles and then releasing them onto the street with a new and intimidating armored design. Their Rhino XT masterpiece is so far from its original form that people would be forgiven to actually think that this is a real battlefield-equipped vehicle.

Rhino XT All Terrain SUV

Rhino XT All Terrain SUV

It flaunts massive riveted flared fenders, reinforced FRP body panels, sturdy bumpers, modified heavy-duty roll cage, and redesigned tow hooks. The interior is just as impressive, boasting premium leather seats and leather door panels, a back-up view camera, an Alpine navigation system, and plenty of other handy premium touches and trinkets. Taking one of these massive beauties back to your garage will set you back $75,000.

Rhino XT - luxury SUV

Rhino XT
US Specialty XT - luxury SUV

By : - 29 Jan 2016