Luxury Living in the Caye Sereno Community, Vietnam

  • Developed by Brazilian studio MK27, Caye Sereno is a superb collection of high-end residences.
  • The luxury villas are located in Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO heritage site in Vietnam.
  • Prices start at $3.5 million.

Caye Sereno is an exclusive residential community in Vietnam, consisting of eighteen gorgeous luxury villas. It was designed by Maria Cristina Motta and Marcio Kogan of MK27, a renowned Brazilian architecture studio. The residences are located in one of the most stunning places on Earth: Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay.

Marcio Kogan was definitely intimidated by the fact that he would have to create beautiful living spaces without disrupting the beauty of this UNESCO heritage site, but he accepted the challenge and delivered amazing results. One of the project’s main focuses was to take full advantage of the community’s privileged position and to make sure that the windows would frame the best possible views.

Luxury Villas Caye Sereno Community, Vietnam

Caye Sereno Community, Vietnam
Caye Sereno Community, Villas
Pool, Caye Sereno Community

The villas come in a number of different sizes and configurations, offering from 7,082 square feet to 11,786 square feet of space. All of them ensure easy access to the nearby waterfront and feature inviting outdoor lounging areas. In all villas, the upper level hosts a gorgeous master suite, leaving the ground level open for socialization and seamless access to the backyard and infinity pool.

Prices start at $3.5 million, with each owner having access to prime facilities, such as a gym and yoga studio, a water activities canter, a tennis court, and a 27-hole golf course. The community’s remoteness plays a huge role in its undeniable appeal, but owners don’t have to worry about isolation either, because the flight connections are excellent and very reliable.

Caye Sereno Community, Vietnam, Bedroom

Caye Sereno Community, Villa, Bedroom
Dining Room, Caye Sereno Community, Vietnam
Luxury Villas in Vietnam, Living Room
Villas in Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay

By : - 10 May 2016