Lieb Manufacktur Exclusive Backgammon Set

  • Discover a completely new gaming experience with this exquisite luxury backgammon set.
  • Successfully merging luxury with functionality, Lieb Manufaktur is an expert in manufacturing exclusive backgammon, chess and domino sets.

Lieb Manufacktur specializes in crafting some of the most exclusive backgammon, domino and chess sets in the world. Created specifically for those of us who appreciate the finer things in life, they are made out of rare and expensive materials such as carbon fiber, Makassar ebony, stingray leather and responsibly sourced ivory.

Lieb Manufacktur Exclusive Backgammon Set

Exclusive Backgammon Set by Lieb Manufacktur

Anyone who is a passionate player of backgammon will certainly appreciate this superb tournament-size board, together with all its flawlessly crafted pieces and accessories. The extensive use of carbon fiber allows for heavy woods to also be incorporated into the design without negatively affecting the weight of the set.

Flaunting a unique combination of functionality and pure luxury, the set was crafted with incredible attention to details. The playing surface is covered in remarkably durable stingray leather that offers a unique haptic experience, as well as undeniable visual satisfaction.

The doubling cube is made of ebony, the checkers feature a shiny metallic outer ring, and the made-to-measure carrying bag is made of highest quality leather. And since true luxury must include a high level of customization, each set can be further tailored to the buyer’s unique taste.


Exclusive Backgammon Set

Backgammon Set by Lieb Manufacktur
Lieb Manufacktur Luxury Backgammon Set
Lieb Manufacktur Backgammon Set

By : - 3 May 2016