Glorious $4.5 Million Empress Necklace by Black, Starr & Frost

  • Black, Starr & Frost have unveiled a stunning luxury necklace called The Empress, worth $4.5 million.
  • Ideal for red carpet events, it boasts 438 finest-quality diamonds and 30 rare Burmese sapphires.

As America’s oldest operating jeweler, Black, Starr & Frost boasts over two centuries of jewelry making history. With an unmatched legacy and undisputed expertise, the company still caters to the richest and most sophisticated people on the planet. One of their most recent and awe-inspiring pieces is The Empress necklace commissioned by Molina Fine Jewelers for their High Jewelry collection.

Empress Necklace by Black, Starr & Frost

Luxury Empress Necklace from Black, Starr, and Frost

The glorious piece took 1,500 hours to complete, with five expert craftsmen carving perfection into every detail. They used 93.17 carats of diamonds (438 individual pieces), as well as 111.9 carats of rare Burmese sapphires (30 gems). Carefully selected to meet the highest standards of quality, every single diamond boasts VS or VVS clarity, and is colorless D or E.

As stunning as The Empress is, a necklace of its caliber is clearly not meant for everyday use. Something smaller and more subtle is required for daily wear, and Black, Starr & Frost has got the right basic pieces to fit in every woman’s jewelry collection. Timeless beauty and elegance represents the key feature of every staple piece in the Everyday Luxury collection. Choose from a variety of bracelets, cuffs, diamond studs, stackable rings, chandelier earrings, and diamond strands.

Black, Starr & Frost Signature Collection

Black, Starr & Frost Signature Collection, Bracelets
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By : - 9 Feb 2016