1990 Riva Ferrari 32 Speedboat

  • The brainchild of Ferrari and Riva Yacht, the 1990 Riva Ferari 32 speedboat is a rare collectible stunner.
  • It is a limited edition luxury toy for the rich, worth at least $196,000.

With an unmistakable F1 inspired design, this rare 1990 Riva Ferari 32 speedboat successfully merges the best of boat design with the most exciting details of the automotive racing aesthetics. It is the result of a remarkable collaboration between two prestigious brands: luxury yacht builder Riva and supercar manufacturer Ferrari.

1990 Riva Ferari 32 speedboat front view

1990 Riva Ferari 32 speedboat lateral view
1990 Riva Ferari 32 speedboat rear view
Riva Ferari 32

Together they decided to limit production of this stunning speedboat to only 30 units and paint them all in the instantly-recognizable “Rossa corso” red color. As expected from the collaboration, the result is not only visually amazing, but also highly impressive performance-wise. Power comes from a couple of 390 horsepower V8 BPM Vulcano 400 engines that are capable to push the Riva Ferrari 32 to 62 mph.

Aside from the obvious Prancing Horse badges, the boat also has a number of other automotive-inspired details, such as a carbon fiber spoiler and a racing car inspired helm station. This particular example will be part of an upcoming RM Auctions by Sotheby’s sale, where it is expected to go for at least €180,000 (approx. $196,000). The boat has been used very sparingly throughout its existence, which makes it even more appealing to any luxury toy collector.

1990 Riva Ferari 32 logo

Riva Ferrari 32 Engine
1990 Riva Ferari 32 speedboat steering wheel
Riva Ferari 32 shipboard
1990 Riva Ferari 32 Keys


By : - 29 Jan 2016