Cool Blue Villa: Contemporary Mediterranean Luxury by 123DV

  • The Cool Blue Villa in Marbella represents shows how a residence doesn’t necessarily have to be right by the sea to enjoy a strong connection to water.
  • It was designed by 123DV one plot away from the Mediterranean Sea.

The main challenge for this project in Marbella, Spain was to ensure a sort of relationship with the Mediterranean Sea, even though there were no available house plots by the beach. The Cool Blue Villa is actually one residence away from the water, which means that the views are significantly obstructed by the other construction.

The architects over at 123DV found an effective solution by introducing a superior level and a roof terrace. The visual contact with the sea was thus preserved, with large floor-to-ceiling windows beautifully framing the views from a number of rooms.

Luxury Cool Blue Villa by 123DV in Spain

Cool Blue Villa by 123DV
Swimming Pool, Luxury Cool Blue Villa in Spain
Kitchen Design, Cool Blue Villa by 123DV in Spain

In order to compensate for the fact that the Mediterranean could not be seen from the ground level, the architects introduced a couple of beautifully-designed water features: a large infinity swimming pool, and a canal which embraces part of the residence almost like a moat.

The canal is three feet (one meter) wide and where it meets the living area, it is flanked by a natural stone wall. A series of underwater led lights make this area especially beautiful at night time, when diffused light hits the wall in a soft glimmering manner. The swimming pool is also particularly interesting because of its glass corner, which give the impression of a freestanding block of water.

Contemporary Mediterranean Luxury Cool Blue Villa, Stairs

Mediterranean Cool Blue Villa by 123DV, Bedroom
Cool Blue Villa Project by 123DV, Bathroom
Cool Blue Villa by 123DV, Dining Area

Project designed by 123DV

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